Clients and Testimonials

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Here's what our clients are saying...

"Sky is an intuitive, knowledgeable, and honest life coach. I have had coaching before and came to Sky for a "touch up" and she delivered more than I expected. I felt nurtured and independent simultaneously. We were able to jump right in and remember my life path goals and get to the deep work immediately. Her work helped me discover what I was doing right and where I had slacked off. It is a lifetime process to stay on track with my "contract" and Sky held my hand over the phone and led me back to my true self. With gratitude, Liz Gillem, Physical Therapist, Albany, CA"
"Sky has a skillful way of finding processes to work through my resistance and to overcome self-imposed hurdles. I really appreciate her compassionate and grounded presence, and the way she creates a safe space for my ideas to come through.She is gentle, yet determined, and really motivates me and helps me stay focused on what is important." Diane F, Nutritionist, San Rafael

“Sky has helped me grow and find my path through a series of life and career coaching sessions. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach who is easy to get along with, has extensive experience in body and mind work and has the training to bring it all together in a highly effective package of strategies that will work for all. Sadao Nelson, Renewables & Environment Consultant and Contractor, SF, CA

“I am very grateful for Sky's support as a life coach: she is a great listener, intuitive, and very wise. She helps me focus, and most importantly, helps me help myself, by asking the right questions, and bringing my awareness to the things that need focus. I cannot recommend Sky's life coaching services more highly. It's wonderful to have her support while I expand my business.” Ellen Tobe, Graphic Designer, San Rafael, CA

"Sky changed my life with her coaching skills so graciously. 
I felt the shift in my perception from: self doubt to LOVING MYSELF
which she so gently guided me through. She is awesome!" Dee Dee, Life Coach, CA

“Sky has been a great source of unconditional support. She has such integrity, empathy, and compassion. I look forward to further continue benefitting from her guidance and advice. I highly recommend her coaching services. She will motivate and inspire.” Helga Veidemann, SF, CA

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