Vision-2-Action Work/Play Group

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If your are like me and many other people in our society, you have been missing a solid support system that is so needed in our lives. Years ago we used to live and stay in villages in which we knew everybody, they were our family. We would stay close to our families, have elders to share their wisdom and an almost 24/7 support system championing, acknowledging, helping and holding us accountable for our actions. In our world today, we don't have this kind of support system anymore. We move away from our families to go to school and we move around for our career making it hard to establish a solid support network that can take years to build. So we find ourselves feeling alone in our search of who we are, in our search for our purpose and in our jouney through life. Luckily we human beings love to create and invent, and this is where local support groups, networking websites like facebook and where coaching groups come in. In a coaching group you can be yourself in an intimate and save space, connecting with others, building trust and bonds that will support you even outside the group sessions. Magic happens in a room of like-minded people who create from eachother, support eachother and connect with eachother on a deeper level.

Do you have a vision you want to turn into action?

Do you have a New Year’s resolution you just can’t keep?

Do you have an idea you’ve been pondering on you want to realize?

Do you have a dream you want to turn into reality?

Are you ready to live your purpose aligned with your values?

Does working in a group and connecting with people

inspire and motivate you?

If you answered yes to 2 or more questions,
and you are ready to make it real, this coaching group is for you!

Learn how to create from nothing, from yourSELF and from others in this safe environment. You will explore your life, your passions and your true self in a whole new way. This coaching group will focus on making your vision, dreams and projects that might have caught dust REAL. In a group of like-minded people you will be supported, championed, challenged and held accountable for living your fulfilled life aligned with your values. Through creative processes, experiential exercises, group coaching and being part of a support network, you will be able to break through limiting beliefs and self-imposed hurdles. You will be able to create commitments and goals aligned with your values and integrate daily habits into your life supporting your vision and move forward with your projects.

Taking a holistic approach your whole being with spirit, body, mind and emotions will be involved.  As a conduit for changes in others, Sky creates from what participants bring into this group and what is present in the moment. This makes a highly dynamic process incorporating individual processes possible. The sessions of this innovative coaching play and work group could include arts and crafts, journaling, meditating, visualizations, movement, nature walks and more.

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